Just finished watching your heartbreaking, enraging, powerful and oh-so-painful documentary. Congratulations on a huge and very impressive work of film!
— Dr Mads Gilbert, Norway
Brought vividly to the screen in this powerful and affecting film from local director, Anne Tsoulis, that examines the sequence of events and the cost to those lives affected.
— Adelaide Film Festival 2017
A great film about a brave family that has suffered so much. Thank you. Honoured to have been involved.
— Prof. John Dugard, South Africa
I was a Middle East correspondent for 13 years but I have never seen anything more horrific than what happened to the Samounis. I’ll never forget the smell of blood in those houses where they were trapped. There was no end to the horror of what happened there - the woman who had to give birth during the siege and the child that watched his parents get shot. What’s more, nobody was watching because of Israel’s media ban and there has been no justice for any of them. At least in 2014 when I covered the Gaza war for Sky News there were other journalists there and human rights investigators.
— Sherine Tadros, Head of New York (UN) Office of Amnesty International
The Samouni story is a very important one - thank you for your passion and patience to bring it to the world.
— Don Thompson, nextPix Productions
It’s remarkable how close the director, Anne Tsoulis, got to her subjects and how the the events of this truly dramatic and distressing story unfolded for the audience, including myself.
— Maryanne Redpath, Head of Generation/Berlinale Festival Delegate
A riveting human story of one family struggling to overcome the trauma inflicted on it by war at its heart, it’s every bit as powerful a film as I expected. More so actually. It certainly deserves to be seen much more widely in the US/UK/Europe.
— Donald Macintyre, journalist
Whatever people’s convictions are on the conflict, I strongly recommend that they see this documentary and ask the perpetrators [of the massacre] to explain why this unthreatening, innocent family was targeted in such a brutal, disproportionate and criminal manner. We should do whatever we can to bring peace and safety not only to Amal but to all the suffering Palestinians and Israelis who need our support to bring a lasting peace to this conflict.
— Maria Vamvakinou, Member for Calwell, Australian Parliament
I can say in all honesty, out of the many multiple docs I reviewed this cycle, your film truly “got under my skin,” so to speak. Unbelievably powerful documentary film work, and I’m beyond thrilled to have it in our 2018 line up for the Arab Film Festival. Those animation sequences are chilling.
— Alexander Farrow, Programmer, Arab Film & Media Institute